Tips For Planning Your Trip

Taking a trip can be a fun and enjoyable experience.  Getting out of the house and traveling to a local destination or even to a far away locale can be filled with pitfalls and even challenges you may not have considered.  Even though many people will not have any issues with their trips there are the occasional hiccups you may want to consider.

When traveling to the airport taking the airport shuttle galveston tx is a great way to travel.  However, you will want to make sure that you know the shuttle schedule and contact numbers to ensure that you will not become stranded. 

Start early

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Never wait till the last minute to pack your stuff.  As you begin to travel more and more you will begin to develop a pattern and way of doing things.  This is great and will save you time over time.  However, not accounting for the unpredictable can cause you problems.


Many shuttles will have handicap access and assistance.  If you or someone you are traveling with needs assistance, make sure that you notify the ticketing agent before starting your trip.  When you let them know they will notify the shuttle driver of such a traveler and will also put the information on the ticket.

Emergency funds

When we travel the thought of having an emergency such as a missing bag, credit card or cash never occur to us.  Having an emergency fund set aside for such an emergency will help you in a pinch.  What I typically do is have a PayPal debit card that I put in my pocket for emergencies.  I will have a balance in a separate account that I can easily transfer over to the account with the card.  So, if I am ever robbed I have my card outside of my wallet, all I need to do is access a computer and transfer the funds to the card in my pocket or call someone I trust to do it for me.

When traveling never underestimate the unexpected, that is when you will need help the most.