Auto Checklist 101s

There are guys and girls out there that are driving around in what can best be described as train wrecks. It’s a wonder they’re still on the road at this rate. Never mind that the wreck may never wake up in the morning, just think that the same could happen to the driver. The numbers are growing, that’s still a good thing, it’s a sign of socio-economic progress. But you would have thought. At such rates, you would have thought that newly sophisticated ladies and gentlemen would have learned their lessons by now.

The regular instalments on the out of the box SUV are one thing but worse to follow. Just keeping the model truck that everyone seems to want is one heck of a great big expense. There’s a reason why that’s happening. And forget about the gas pump, everyone knows about that. Auto shop Berkeley maintenance inspections need to be as regular as clockwork, assuming that the car in question is as old as the hills and barely breathing.

The later models, but with one notable exception that continues to be notorious for its rates of total recalls, and worse, merely need to play by the manufacturers’ rulebooks. You would have thought that privileged folks would take advantage of this. But no. Okay, winding down time. On to the matter at hand. And yes, that’s quite right, the window handle needs to be fixed. May as well see to the pings on the side windows too.

Auto shop Berkeley

Tires can be checked as regularly as, well, you know. But they need never be replaced. Because if they get checked out regularly, they’ll be retreaded. Have a look and see inside to see if the engine’s still ticking along like a good heart transplantÂ…